Alḥamdulillāh (Arabic: الحَمْد لله‎‎), also known as Tahmid is an Arabic phrase meaning “Praise be to God”, sometimes translated as “Thank God!”It is frequently used by Muslims of every background, due to its centrality to the texts of the Quran and the words of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, but also spoken by some Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews.

The word “gratitude” (Arabic: شكور) or syukur or syukr also means “praise”, and when examined the meaning of gratitude in terms of praise then seems to realize that the praise of the new blessed to be fair when a praiseworthy to do something that both consciously and not forced. That way, each of which either were born in this universe is with the permission of Allah. What’s better than us, in essence is of God alone; if so, praise whatever we convey to others, eventually return to God only. So, in principle, any form of praise (gratitude to god) should be directed to Allah Most High.

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